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My passion for food started at a very early age. My parents always involved me in cooking the family meals. My palette developed very quickly and I was never afraid of trying new things. What started as a hobby became something I wanted to develop into a career.

One of my earliest memories of food involved ordering frogs legs in France at the age of 7. As a family, we often went away to the Lake District and the kids were given the task of 'competition night' where we would all buy ingredients with our parents and cook a course each. I was often declared champion with my mushroom risotto!

I went to college where I studied for two years to gain my level 2 chef diploma. This is where my passion really took off. My college tutors were always an inspiration. They ensured that all the classics were covered in depth, giving me the confidence to go and work in a kitchen. By the end of my two years here, I left with a sound knowledge of both patisserie and savoury skills.

My college experiences were then put in to practice, under the tutelage of Nick Pullen at Wild Thyme. This was my first practical experience in a working kitchen and Nick passed on valuable skills that I still use today.

Divertimenti Cookery School has given me the opportunity to work with some of the leading chefs in the country, producing great food that is on menu in some of the top establishments in the UK.